Friday, July 11, 2008

Fake employers? Great, what's next?

I recently responded to a craigslist ad for a job:

and got this in response:

So I'm thinking, ok, I'll click on the link. And I get this:

and everything looks official, looks like a real website looking to hire people, right? The text on the bottom of the page is too small on the photo above but it says:
"We value and support higher education. If you would like
information about educational opportunities in your field, choose below.

Well who would tell a future employer that you don't think you'd benefit from more education? If you click "I would like to receive information" you're brought to a page that says:

"We are delighted that you are interested in exploring additional educational opportunities. You will be directed to several pages of information regarding educational programs...."

Creepy isn't it? If you're not interested in further education you're brought to this page:

and if you search the site there is very little there, no jobs at all. If you google you'll find numerous complaints. So now spammers are preying on poor job-seekers?

What's next?

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