Saturday, September 25, 2010

Gizmodo Nazi Moderator suspending innocent users, RUN FOR THE FOREST!!

Gizmodo Nazi Moderator Jason Chen (not to be

I love the team at Gawker Media, they have a long list of great sites, which is probably why I was so shocked when I saw this. NOTICE: Please, if you love the internet, don't view this, it's quite disturbing

A few days ago Gizmodo did a story about the $100 LiveRider iPhone Bike Computer

Does the regular stuff any bike computer can do like measure your pace, distance, speed, etc, along with uploading it to the net. Nothing fantastic when you can buy a regular bike computer for $15, but hey to each their own if you really need that uploading ability for $85 more.

Someone correctly pointed out that there is another iPhone app for a lot less that does almost everything the LiveRider does using GPS. So was this commenter praised for his insightful and informative comment? Well, see for yourself:

Suspended! I thought surely he did something else to warrant this besides disagreeing with a article posted on Gizmodo!


WOW!! I mean.... WOW! Suspended for saying you can buy something similar for less!

Now if you recall earlier this year Jason Chen's house was raided by police searching for a stolen iPhone 4 prototype. I could see why he might still be a little peeved at the world but come on Jason, that was almost 6 months ago, time to get over it, just because you're still pissed because you bought stolen property does not mean you should run around the internet welding your awesome moderator rights over anyone that dare speak out of turn.... HEIL CHEN!

UPDATE: it seems SpriteMV, the user that promoted the comment, may have also been suspended, and there is a very long thread denouncing Jason Chen's actions on Gizmodo

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