Thursday, June 5, 2008

How to get great gas mileage

I know I know, with gas above $4 a gallon everyone has written on how to get great gas mileage, but I thought I'd put my 2 cents in.

Buy a Scangauge

It's a little device that easily plugs into your car's computer (same way mechanics do) and, among other things, computes gas mileage:

Basically it teaches you how to drive, better than any Top 10 list could ever do. My gas mileage went up 20% just by using a mpg trip computer.

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Anonymous said...

Nice tips, James. Keep up the good work. Have you ever considered building your own electric car? Now that is something I think would be fun, and challenging. There are a slew of DIY sites all over the web explaining how to take a gas fueld car, and convert it to an electric/hyrbid with an electric motor. Something to look into, I guess.

Here is the blog I started on Spanish

It´s something I know about, and it´s a start, i guess. Hit me up if you get a moment this weekend.