Saturday, May 24, 2008

first page of my blog

I just created my blog today and I don't have much to blog about except that I'm a little miffed that I couldn't find a decent blog name. Allthingsblogworthy was not my first pick. I wanted something easier to type. When my first picks weren't available I just started typing all kinds of random names in there trying to find one available. When I typed in allthingsblogworthy it didn't even tell me it was available, it just assigned it. I wonder if that's what happened to all the other names I tried? I wonder if someone was like "crap! I need a blog name and all the good ones are taken! Let me try this...." and suddenly they're stuck with a blog name they didn't want.

oh well... i suppose allthingsblogworthy is good enough. Doesn't exactly roll off the tongue but it'll be hard to misspell. At least I don't have any '4's that could be "four" or 'for' or something like that or misspellings like "pur" instead of "pure".

I'll stop ranting, maybe tomorrow I'll post some real content.

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